A Terribly Strange BedÉcoutez maintenant (64 min) | by Wilkie Collins
The Repairer of ReputationsListen now (90 min) | by Robert W. Chambers
and illustrate it with Midjourney
James Hogg

February 2023

The Dead Astronaut by J G BallardListen now (50 min) | This story was first published in May 1968 in Playboy. It is about a husband and wife who are waiting for the return of a capsule…
by Philip MacDonald
The Tractate Middoth: A Chillingly Haunting Ghost Story by M.R. JamesListen now (60 min) | M. R. James The Tractate Middoth is a classic ghost story first published in 1911. This short story takes place in a library and…
The House and The BrainListen now (96 min) | Join Tony as we explore Edward Bulwer-Lytton's classic short story, 'The House & The Brain'. This captivating tale, first…

January 2023

The Visit To The MuseumListen now (41 min) | by Vladimir Nabokov
The Mistress in BlackListen now (49 min) | by Rosemary Timperley
In a similar way to the main The Classic Ghost Stories Podcast library, here are the members only stories. Dracula was a members only story but has…
The Free Classic Ghost Stories Podcast Library is now available. You can go here and download any of the publicly available stories I've narrated over…