More Cumbrian Ghost Stories

I have just ‘soft-released’ my new collection of Ghost Stories (one you will have heard is The Dalston Vampire) on Amazon. The reason for this is that Amazon has the potential to introduce so many new people to my work that other platforms simply can’t.

The great Amazon machine will notice if people buy my book and then it will suggest the book to other people who might like it.

I make no apology for saying this is what I want.

If you feel you could help, I have priced it at 99c US or 77p UK money. Amazon can sometimes change that price to suit themselves, but that is what I have set it at.

Here’s the US link. This is an affiliate link so I will get about 5% of the 99c.

The UK Link is here

The Australian link is here

But don’t forget I just love you listening and reading my work, so if you aren’t in a position to buy this new book, that is not a problem.

I will send you some audio links to the stories when I get them edited.

My Halloween Story Workload

Just an update: I have finally moved house and been busy with getting everything in order. I have scheduled a bunch of videos on Youtube, culminating on Halloween with 3 in a row which are two of my own: Killer Clowns, which is an oldish story and part of my Horror Stories for Halloween collection, and The Haunting of Unit 409 which is a brand new storage based on my experience of a local storage depot where we kept our stuff while we were between houses. There is also Ray Bradbury’s The October Game.

In terms of the podcast, I have just recorded The Girl With The Hungry Eyes by Fritz Leiber and a story by a modern author, Rowan Bowman: The Beast of Blanchland and they will both be edited and go up on the podcast soon.

It’s busy busy, but I suppose this is my busiest time of year, spook-fans!

And remember if you want my Horror Stories Halloween Audiobook directly from me so as not to give a cut to the big boys and earn yourself a splendid discount: here’s the link

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