Classic Ghost Stories Podcast
Classic Ghost Stories Podcast
The Reluctant Bride by Iqbal Hussain

The Reluctant Bride by Iqbal Hussain

In rural Pakistan, a rickshaw driver stops by a Peepal Tree and a beautiful bride steps out from the shadows. Of course, at first he thinks she must be a churail, but despite his mother's warnings, he knows he must help this distressed woman. How will his kindness be rewarded?

A story by modern British author Iqbal Hussain. After the story I had the great pleasure of interviewing Iqbal and talking about this story and his writing in general.

Iqbal Hussain

Iqbal is one of seven writers chosen for the 2021/22 Megaphone scheme for YA/children’s writers. He is one of fifteen emerging writers to feature in the Mainstream anthology by Inkandescent, with his short story “The Reluctant Bride”, publication date mid-2021. His short story “A Home from Home” won gold prize in the Creative Future Writers’ Awards 2019. He is a recipient of the inaugural London Writers’ Awards 2018 and was shortlisted for the Penguin Random House WriteNow scheme 2017. Iqbal is working on his first novel, Northern Boy, about being a “butterfly among the bricks”.

Iqbal's Twitter @ihussainwriter 

Mainstream by Ikandescent 

This collection brings thirty authors in from the margins to occupy centre-page. Queer storytellers. Working class wordsmiths. Chroniclers of colour. Writers whose life experiences give unique perspectives on universal challenges, whose voices must be heard. And read.

Mainstream by Inkandescent is here: (my affiliate link)

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Classic Ghost Stories Podcast
Classic Ghost Stories Podcast
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