I am considering closing my Substack

I opened this substack account as a way of monetising my podcast. I have been doing the podcast for about 2 years and put lots of work into it. People like Apple and Spotify and all the different podcast apps take the feed and deliver it but do not give me a penny for my work.

Substack seemed to offer a way to change that. I have nearly 1000 free subscribers and 60 or so paid subscribers who get extra content. This is of course very welcome income and I am heartily grateful for their support and they know I love them.

But I also run Youtube Memberships and Patreon and Apple Podcasts Connect for members so having four methods of giving bonus content to paying members is exhausting. Even though there is some duplication, it’s just the uploading and tailoring, and they all want slightly different formats…

So, by after Christmas, I’m going to close this Substack.

This leaves you the listeners with some options.

  1. You can support my channel via the Podcast host Vurbl—who will pay me but deliver free to you.

    My Podcast on Vurbl (Free!)

  2. For paid supporters I would encourage you to move over to Patreon or Youtube members. I don’t take your support for granted! Links are here

    My Patreon

    My Youtube Membership

So, I am going to switch off paid memberships on this Substack pretty soon. For those who have paid a year in advance, I can’t actually give free subs to either Patreon or Youtube, but I will give you a link to my own audiobooks as recompense.

Email me at classicghostpodcast@gmail.com for the link if you are a yearly subscriber.

BUT. I will continue to serve up content on Substack until January 2022

Hope you understand why I’m doing this.